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Gram stain-negative and non-motile bacteria, designated as DY53T and DY43, were isolated from mountain soil in South Korea prior exposure with 5 kGy gamma radiation. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequence revealed that the strains belonged to the family Cytophagaceae in the class Cytophagia. 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity of strains DY53T(More)
Background: Metallothionein (MT) is a multifunctional protein playing important roles in homeostatic regulation and detoxification of metals. Mollusk species have been considered as useful sentinel platforms for MT-based biomarker approaches, and they have been reported to display an extraordinary structural diversity of MT proteins. However, potential(More)
Fog computing is an emerging architecture that aims to run applications on multiple devices that lie on a continuum from cloud servers to personal user smartphones. These architectures allow applications to optimize over the information stored at and functionalities run on each device, based on individual device capabilities. We demonstrate the benefits of(More)
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