Yoon-Jun Kim

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1.—Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2220 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208-3108, USA. 2.—Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-3113, USA. 3.—Northwestern Center for Atom-Probe Tomography, 2220 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208-3108, USA. 4.—Present address: Groupe de(More)
In this paper, a safety envelope concept for load tolerance is introduced. This shows the capacity of the current design as a future reference for design upgrade, maintenance, and control. The safety envelope is applied to estimate the load tolerance of a structural part with respect to the fatigue reliability. First, the dynamic load history is decomposed(More)
The kinetics of brittle phase transformation in cast duplex stainless steels CD3MN and CD3MWCuN was investigated under continuous cooling conditions. Cooling rates slower than 5 °C/min. were obtained using a conventional tube furnace with a programable controller. In order to obtain controlled high cooling rates, a furnace equipped to grow crystals by means(More)
The properties and growth processes of graphene are greatly influenced by the elemental distributions of impurity atoms and their functional groups within or on the hexagonal carbon lattice. Oxygen and hydrogen atoms and their functional molecules (OH, CO, and CO2 ) positions' and chemical identities are tomographically mapped in three dimensions in a(More)
Articles you may be interested in Transport critical current measurements on a Cu-substituted BaFe2As2 superconductor Increased grain boundary critical current density J c gb by Pr-doping in pulsed laser–deposited Y1−x Pr x BCO thin films Direct observation of nanometer-scale amorphous layers and oxide crystallites at grain boundaries in polycrystalline Sr(More)
Atomic-scale characterization of hydrogen and formation of niobium hydrides, using ultraviolet (wavelength=355 nm) picosecond laser-assisted local-electrode atom-probe tomography, was performed for ultrahigh purity niobium utilizing different laser pulse energies, 10 or 50 pJ/pulse or voltage pulsing. At 50 pJ/pulse, hydrogen atoms migrate onto the 110 and(More)
The dimensionless figure of merit, ZT, of bulk thermoelectric materials depends mainly on the transport properties of charge carriers and heat-carrying phonons. PbTe-4 mol % SrTe doped with 2 mol % Na (Pb0.94Na0.02Sr0.04Te) is a nanostructured material system that exhibits a ZT higher than 2. The precipitate size distribution of SrTe precipitates is(More)
The isothermal formation behavior of secondary phases in two types of duplex stainless steels (DSS), CD3MN and CD3MWCuN, was characterized. Samples were heat treated from 1 minute to 30 days at temperatures from 700°C to 900°C. Small carbide (M23C6) and nitride (Cr2N) precipitates, together with the intermetallic phases sigma and chi, were observed using(More)
Imaging the three-dimensional atomic-scale structure of complex interfaces has been the goal of many recent studies, due to its importance to technologically relevant areas. Combining atom-probe tomography and aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), we present an atomic-scale study of ultrathin (~5 nm) native oxide layers on(More)
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