Yoon-Hwae Hwang

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Rare-earth phosphors are commonly used in display panels, security printing, and fluorescent lamps, and have potential applications in lasers and bioimaging. In the present study, Eu3+- and Dy3+-codoped uniform-shaped Y2O3 submicron particles were prepared using the urea homogeneous precipitation method. The structure and morphology of the resulting(More)
Bifunctional monodispersed Fe3O4 particles coated with an ultrathin Y2O3:Tb3+ shell layer were fabricated using a facile urea-based homogeneous precipitation method. The obtained composite particles were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), quantum design vibrating sample magnetometry, and photoluminescence (PL)(More)
We designed and synthesized phenylboronic acid as a molecular recognition model system for saccharide detection. The phenylboronic acid derivatives that have boronic acid moiety are well known to interact with saccharides in aqueous solution; thus, they can be applied to a functional interface of saccharide sensing through the formation of self-assembled(More)
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