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Recently, the Extensible Markup Language (XML) has received growing attention as a simple but flexible mechanism to represent medical data. As XML-based markups become more common there will be an increasing need to transform data stored in one XML markup into another markup. The Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is a stylesheet language for XML.(More)
The large and rapidly growing number of information sources relevant to health care, and the increasing amounts of new evidence produced by researchers, are improving the access of professionals and students to valuable information. However, seeking and filtering useful, valid information can be still very difficult. An online information system that(More)
We describe the use of clinical data present in the medical record to determine the relevance of research evidence from literature databases. We studied the effect of using automated knowledge approaches as compared to physician's selection of articles, when using a traditional information retrieval system. Three methods were evaluated. The first method(More)
Physicians' information needs routinely arise during their practice. Several studies have demonstrated that a useful way to understand the nature of the needs is to examine questions posed by physicians during the course of medical care. This paper presents an analysis of clinical questions collected when physicians were engaged in reviewing clinical cases.(More)
PURPOSE To examine the impact of a personal health record (PHR) in patients with hypertension measured by changes in biological outcomes, patient empowerment, patient perception of quality of care, and use of medical services. METHODS A cluster-randomized effectiveness trial with PHR and no PHR groups was conducted in two ambulatory clinics. 453 of 1686(More)
Too often, online searches for health information are time consuming and produce results that are not sufficiently precise to answer clinicians' or patients' questions. The PERSIVAL project is designed to circumvent this problem by personalizing and tailoring searches and presentation to the demands of the user and the particular clinical context. This(More)
Home-based asthma environmental education for parents of asthmatic children is needed since many health professionals lack the time to offer it. However, developing targeted and tailored education is important in order to address the individual needs of participants. This nonrandomized longitudinal study examined knowledge on asthma with an Asthma and(More)
Purpose: Improve a personal health record (PHR) incorporating patient advice and examine its impact in patients with hypertension measured by changes in patient outcomes and changes in institutional acceptance of patient-and family-centered care (PFCC) culture. Scope: The study was conducted in two ambulatory primary care clinics. Methods: Qualitative input(More)
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