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To determine overall detection rates of lung cancer by low-dose CT (LDCT) screening and to compare histopathologic and imaging differences of detected cancers between high- and low-risk groups, this study included 6,406 asymptomatic Korean adults with >or=45 yr of age who underwent LDCT for lung cancer screening. All were classified into high- (>or=20(More)
Advances in automobiles have led to the increased usage of electronic control units (ECUs). A modern vehicle contains 50 to 70 ECUs, each of which is responsible for automatic safety and comfort functions such as anti-lock breaking system (ABS) and adaptive cruise control (ACC). To improve the safety and comfort of the drivers, ECUs communicate with one(More)
A signature-based network intrusion detection system (NIDS) identifies intrusions by comparing the data traffic with known signature patterns. In this process, matching of packet strings against signature patterns dominates the overall system performance. The MWM algorithm has been known as the fastest pattern matching algorithm when the patterns in a rule(More)
The aim of this study is to ascertain the relationship between ingestion of raw cow liver and Toxocara canis infection. A total of 150 apparently healthy adults were divided into 2 groups; 1 group consisted of 86 adults with positive results of Toxocara ELISA, and the other group of 64 adults with negative results. One researcher collected the history of(More)
Although many studies have reported an association between total white blood cell count and metabolic syndrome, relatively few reports are available on the association between differential white blood cell counts and metabolic syndrome. The medical records of 15,654 subjects (age, median 46, range 14-90 yr; 8,380 men and 7,274 women) who visited the Center(More)
Local scanning worms Worm containment Worm virulence estimation Maximum likelihood estimation a b s t r a c t A worm-infected host scanning globally may not cause any new infection in its underlying local network before it is detected and quarantined by a worm detector. To defend this type of scanning hosts, a number of worm scanner detection methods such(More)
BACKGROUND Varenicline is an effective smoking cessation aid. However, smokers prescribed with varenicline do not always receive varenicline for 12 weeks, as recommended. This study analyzed the subjects who received varenicline and investigated the effect of varenicline treatment duration on the success rate of 6-month smoking cessation. METHODS This(More)
We determined optimal fasting plasma glucose (FPG) cutoff values predictive of future diabetes development in a group of middle-aged Koreans who visited a health promotion center. The medical records of 2,964 subjects, who attended the Health Promotion Center in 1998 and 2003, were examined. Subjects were classified into four groups according to their(More)