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16. Abstract The overall objectives of this study were (1) to provide basic performance evaluation of asphalt overlays on rigid pavements and (2) to provide a design tool for supporting a long-range rehabilitation plan for the US 59 corridor in the Lufkin District. A factorial overlay method was applied to several test sections with the objective of(More)
A new 3D digital art and an immersive VR display system are presented. A 3D drawing interface and a real time object modeling, which is using auto 3D strokes, are implemented for 3D digital art. One 3D stroke makes some part of the object in one movement. This 3D modeling method has an advantage in representing complex objects quickly. 2D mouse interface is(More)
Given a document collection, a hierarchical clustering algorithm groups several clusters. Recent works have identified the set of overlap phrases as useful features in hierarchical document clustering. However, they did not consider the relationship between co-occurred overlap phrases in a document and degrees of opposite relationships between overlap(More)
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