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BACKGROUND Cinnamon bark is one of the most popular herbal ingredients in traditional oriental medicine and possesses diverse pharmacological activities including anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. The goal of this study is to investigate the in vivo and in vitro inhibitory effect of cinnamon water extract (CWE) on lipopolysaccharide(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Atopic diseases, including atopic dermatitis (AD), allergy and asthma, are complex diseases resulting from the effect of multiple genetic and interacting environmental factors on their pathophysiology. The genetic basis is incompletely understood; however, recent studies have shown an association between loss-of-function variants of(More)
BACKGROUND Non-allergic rhinopathy (NAR), formerly known as vasomotor rhinitis, is a non-allergic and non-infectious chronic disease that is accompanied by nasal hyperemia, rhinorrhea, and no increase in the number of eosinophils. Although the medications for NAR, including intranasal corticosteroids and intranasal antihistamine, have been used in clinical(More)
BACKGROUND In consideration of patients seeking to use traditional Chinese medicine, an evidence-based potentiality for safe and effective use of herbal medicine and acupuncture in treatment of acne vulgaris has been suggested. However, despite common use of a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture in clinical practice, the current level of evidence(More)
It was reported that Dipsaci radix (DR) has a reinforcement effect on the bone-muscle dysfunction in the oriental medical classics and the experimental animal studies. The muscle atrophy was induced by unilateral transection of the sciatic nerve of the rats. Water-extract of DR was used as treatment once a day for 12 days. The muscle weights of the hind(More)
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