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Based on Silverman and Eals' hunter-gatherer theory of the origin of sex-specific spatial attributes, the present research sought to identify the evolved mechanisms involved in hunting that contribute to the dimorphism. The focus of these studies was the relationship between three-dimensional mental rotations, the spatial test showing the largest and most(More)
Junctions consisting of two crossed single-walled carbon nanotubes were fabricated with electrical contacts at each end of each nanotube. The individual nanotubes were identified as metallic (M) or semiconducting (S), based on their two-terminal conductances; MM, MS, and SS four-terminal devices were studied. The MM and SS junctions had high conductances,(More)
Dicarboximide fungicides iprodione, vinclozolin, and procymidone were examined for their capacity to inhibit mycelial growth, to cause cellular leakage, and to cause lipid peroxidation on Botrytis cinerea isolate BC2. All three fungicides effectively inhibited the mycelial growth of the fungi. The IC(50) values were found to be about 2 µM for all three(More)
A Fibrobacter succinogenes S85 gene that encodes endoglucanase hydrolysing CMC and xylan was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli DH5 by using pUC19 vector. Recombinant plasmid DNA from a positive clone hydrolysing CMC and xylan was designated as pCMX1, harboring 2,043 bp insert. The entire nucleotide sequence was determined, and an open-reading frame(More)
We study the synchronization phenomena in a system of globally coupled oscillators with time delay in the coupling. The self-consistency equations for the order parameter are derived, which depend explicitly on the amount of delay. Analysis of these equations reveals that the system in general exhibits discontinuous transitions in addition to the usual(More)
The invaded cluster algorithm, a method for simulating phase transitions, is described in detail. Theoretical, albeit nonrigorous, justification of the method is presented and the algorithm is applied to Potts models in two and three dimensions. The algorithm is shown to be useful for both first-order and continuous transitions and evidently provides an(More)
Plant transcription factors (TFs) play roles in diverse biological processes including defense responses to pathogens. Here, we provide an overview of recent studies of plant TFs with regard to defense responses. TFs play roles in plant innate immunity by regulating genes related to pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered immunity,(More)