YooJin Kim

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Most work on the usability of touchscreen interaction for people with motor impairments has focused on lab studies with relatively few participants and small cross-sections of the population. To develop a richer characterization of use, we turned to a previously untapped source of data: YouTube videos. We collected and analyzed 187 non-commercial videos(More)
A number of approaches have been used to control the shape of metal oxalates, which often used as precursors for metal oxide nanomaterials. However, attempts to use water as a regulator have not been reported. Here in we report systematic studies on related topics: nanosheets, composed of 1-dimensional [M(C2O4)(EG)] (M = Zn or Co) polymeric structure, could(More)
Touchscreen devices have become one of the most pervasive video game platforms in the world and, in turn, an integral part of popular culture; however, little work exists on comprehensively examining their accessibility. In this poster paper, we present initial findings from a survey and qualitative analysis of popular iPad touchscreen games with a focus on(More)
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