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Most work on the usability of touchscreen interaction for people with motor impairments has focused on lab studies with relatively few participants and small cross-sections of the population. To develop a richer characterization of use, we turned to a previously untapped source of data: YouTube videos. We collected and analyzed 187 non-commercial videos(More)
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, transport of arginine into the vacuole has previously been shown to be facilitated by a putative H+/arginine antiport. We confirm that transport of arginine into isolated yeast vacuoles requires ATP and we demonstrate a requirement for a functional vacuolar H+-ATPase. We previously reported that deletion of BTN1 (btn1-delta), an(More)
BACKGROUND The kidney plays an important role in glucose metabolism, and has been considered a target for therapeutic intervention. The sodium-glucose cotransporter type 2 (SGLT2) mediates most of the glucose reabsorption from the proximal renal tubule. Inhibition of SGLT2 leads to glucosuria and provides a unique mechanism to lower elevated blood glucose(More)
Btn2p, a novel cytosolic coiled-coil protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, was previously shown to interact with and to be necessary for the correct localization of Rhb1p, a regulator of arginine uptake, and Yif1p, a Golgi protein. We now report the biochemical and physical interactions of Btn2p with Ist2p, a plasma membrane protein that is thought to have a(More)
Considerable effort has been devoted to the use of Snbased metals as alternative anodes (negative electrodes) to carbonaceous compounds in lithium-ion batteries.1-4 In principle, the alloying/dealloying reaction offers a much higher specific capacity than that of carbon intercalation. For example, 4.4 Li atoms can react with Sn to deliver a specific(More)
AIMS To determine if glycemic variability is associated with hospitalization outcomes in non-critically ill patients, and if this association remains after controlling for hypoglycemia. METHODS A retrospective review was performed on 1276 medical admissions (801 patients) in which insulin was given, ≥6 point of care glucose (POCG) measurements and length(More)
Dramatic morphological changes are observed in the Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) film assemblies of poly(ethylene glycol)-b-(styrene-r-benzocyclobutene) block copolymer (PEG-b-(S-r-BCB)) after intramolecular cross-linking of the S-r-BCB block to form a linear-nanoparticle structure. To isolate architectural effects and allow direct comparison, the linear block(More)
Touchscreen devices have rapidly become one of the most pervasive video game platforms in the world and, in turn, an integral part of popular culture; however, little work exists on comprehensively examining their accessibility. In this poster paper, we present initial findings from a survey and qualitative analysis of popular iPad touchscreen games with a(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the relationship between glycemic control after renal transplantation and subsequent graft function and complications. METHODS We conducted a retrospective chart review of 202 consecutive patients undergoing kidney transplantation to analyze the association between perioperative and chronic glycemic control and clinical outcomes of(More)
We exploited the emerging potential of gene therapy strategies to design a powerful therapeutic system that combines two key components-AAV vector and [6]-gingerol. In this study, we created an AAV2 construct expressing the proapoptotic protein BIM, which uses HSPG as its primary receptor, to target HSPG-overexpressing melanoma cells. This combination(More)