Yoo-Jin Moon

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This paper focuses on selection techniques for best correction of misspelt words at the lexical level. Spelling errors are introduced by either cognitive or typographical mistakes. A robust spelling correction algorithm is needed to cover both cognitive and typographical errors. For the most effective spelling correction system, various strategies are(More)
International standards on product catalogue are converging on the UNSPSC. Adopting this standard, we designed an architecture for the product search agent employing Semantic Web and semantic networks. The architecture is based on the central repository model of product catalog management with distributed updating processes. It also includes the(More)
This paper describes the rule-based classification of numerals and strings that include numerals, composed of a number and semantic unit(s) that indicate a SPEED, NUMBER, or other measure, at three levels: morphological, syntactic, and semantic. The approach employs three interpretation processes: word trigram construction with tokeniser, rule-based(More)
Unlike compound noun terms in English and French, where words are separated by white space, Korean compound noun terms are not separated by white space. In addition, some compound noun terms in the real world result from a spacing error. Thus the analysis of compound noun terms is a difficult task in Korean NLP. Systems based on probabilistic and(More)