Yonny Cardenas

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The uniform cache system, suggested in this paper, illustrates an approach for high level grid data access. It aims to optimize the use of grid data resources and increase the access performance. The system is based over the grid caching concept, where applications share and reuse data semantic information (metadata and data-content). The generated(More)
The integration of genomics and patient related data is considered as one of the most promising investigation topic in health care research. Started in 2004, the Grid for Geno Medicine (GGM) project aims at providing a comprehensive grid software infrastructure designed to allow biologists to mine and analyze relationships between medical, genetic, and(More)
Medical imaging research deals with large, heterogeneous and fragmented amounts of medical images. The need for secure, federated and functional medical image databases is very strong within these research communities. This paper provides an overview of the different projects concerned with building medical image databases for medical imaging research. It(More)
Résumé. Nous proposons un système fédérateur de caches pour les grilles que les applications de la grille utilisent comme un service de cache uniforme. Le système est fondé sur le concept de l'activité de données où les applications partagent et réutilisent l'information sémantique liée à l'activité des données sous la forme de métadonnées. Ces métadonnées(More)
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