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OBJECTIVE To examine the role of aldo-keto reductases (AKRs) in the cardiovascular metabolism of the precursors of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Steady-state kinetic parameters of AKRs with AGE precursors were determined using recombinant proteins expressed in bacteria. Metabolism of methylglyoxal and AGE accumulation(More)
Phospholipid oxidation generates several bioactive aldehydes that remain esterified to the glycerol backbone ('core' aldehydes). These aldehydes induce endothelial cells to produce monocyte chemotactic factors and enhance monocyte-endothelium adhesion. They also serve as ligands of scavenger receptors for the uptake of oxidized lipoproteins or apoptotic(More)
The outline of the arcuate nucleus in the human medulla oblongata was studied in a series of serial sections of brain stems of newborn and young children. The nucleus lies on the ventral aspect of the pyramid. At higher levels the nucleus lies on the ventral and medial aspect of the pyramid. In the upper regions of the medulla the two nuclei fuse together,(More)
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