Yongzhu Chen

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In order to introduce ionic bonds into traditional surfactant-like peptide to develop self-assembling materials with better properties, a catanionic surfactant-like peptide A(6)K(+/-) was designed by removing the protecting -NH(2) at the C-terminus of the cationic surfactant-like peptide A(6)K. Both TEM and AFM observations revealed that A(6)K(+/-) could(More)
A new self-assembling bolaamphiphilic peptide has been designed and synthesized using only natural amino acids. This simple peptide is composed of two lysines connected by 4-8 alanines to maintain the characteristics of the traditional bolaamphiphiles. Based on an irregular secondary structure, it can self-assemble into nanospheres, nanorods, or nanofibers(More)
With the popular use of the laryngeal mask airway (LMA), recurrent laryngeal nerve injury associated with the LMA, which might cause serious complications, has recently been reported. The true mechanism, however, remains unclear, which makes effective prevention and treatment of this disorder difficult. On the basis of the anatomical relationship of the(More)
Studies on the anticancer mechanism of peptide P18 in human leukemia K562 cells revealed that P18 causes the death of most K562 cells by depolarizing plasma membrane potential and enhancing membrane permeability, rather than activating the classical apoptosis pathway. The mechanistic studies indicate that disrupting plasma membrane is an effective approach(More)
Let r , k be positive integers, s(< r), a nonnegative integer, and n=2r−s+k. The set of r-subsets of [n]={1, 2, . . . , n} is denoted by [n]r . The generalized Kneser graphK(n, r, s) is the graph whose vertex-set is [n]r where two r-subsets A and B are joined by an edge if |A ∩ B| s. This note determines the diameter of generalized Kneser graphs. More(More)
Adult pluripotent stem cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow and adipose tissue are capable of multilineage differentiation. Although autologous stem cell transplantation is an effective alternative to organ transplantation, the loss of cell viability and differentiation confinement of implanted cells has largely impaired the(More)
Cell sheet technology is a very important strategy for scaffold-free tissue engineering. In order to fabricate cell sheets by a simple method, peptide detergent A(6)K was grafted on mica surfaces by dropping its aqueous solution at different concentrations on the surface. As revealed by surface topographical observation and water contact angle measurement,(More)
BACKGROUND Finding a suitable delivery system to improve the water solubility of hydrophobic drugs is a critical challenge in the development of effective formulations. In this study, we used A6K, a self-assembling surfactant-like peptide, as a carrier to encapsulate and deliver hydrophobic pyrene. METHODS Pyrene was mixed with A6K by magnetic stirring to(More)