Yongzhong Zhao

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Copy number variations (CNVs) represent a large source of genetic variation in humans and have been increasingly studied for disease association. A deletion polymorphism of the gene encoding the cytosolic detoxification enzyme glutathione S-transferase theta 1 (GSTT1) has been extensively studied for cancer susceptibility (919 studies, from HuGE navigator,(More)
Harmonic detection technology is one of the key technologies of active power filter (APF). Its development decides the development of APF technology. Due to the grid harmonic inherent characters, like non-linear randomness, distribution, non-stationary and factors influencing the complexity of other features, it is difficult to accurately detect the(More)
Gastric cancer, a highly heterogeneous disease, is the second leading cause of cancer death and the fourth most common cancer globally, with East Asia accounting for more than half of cases annually. Alongside TNM staging, gastric cancer clinic has two well-recognized classification systems, the Lauren classification that subdivides gastric adenocarcinoma(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between p53 codon 72 polymorphism and susceptibility to keloid. METHODS The p53 genotypes were detected by polymerase chain reaction-reverse dot blot (PCR-RDB) and DNA direct sequencing among 15 healthy controls and 15 patients with keloid. RESULTS The frequency of the Pro allele (P = 0.035) and Pro/Pro genotype(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Severe forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that develop in very young children can be caused by variants in a single gene. We performed whole-exome sequence (WES) analysis to identify genetic factors that might cause granulomatous colitis and severe perianal disease, with recurrent bacterial and viral infections, in an infant of(More)
Integrin activation on hematopoietic cells is essential for platelet aggregation, leukocyte adhesion, and transmigration through endothelium and extracellular matrix into inflamed tissues. To migrate through matrix, leukocyte integrin adhesion complexes undergo dynamic changes. Here we show that Kindlin-3, a main activator and binding partner of integrins(More)
Tumor suppressor genes are classified by their somatic behavior either as caretakers (CTs) that maintain DNA integrity or as gatekeepers (GKs) that regulate cell survival, but the germ line role of these disease-related gene subgroups may differ. To test this hypothesis, we have used genomic data mining to compare the features of human CTs (n = 38), GKs (n(More)
Identification of sets of objects with shared features is a common operation in all disciplines. Analysis of intersections among multiple sets is fundamental for in-depth understanding of their complex relationships. However, so far no method has been developed to assess statistical significance of intersections among three or more sets. Moreover, the(More)
Many epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)-promoting transcription factors have been implicated in tumorigenesis and metastasis as well as chemoresistance of cancer. However, the underlying mechanisms mediating these processes are unclear. Here, we report that Foxq1, a forkhead box-containing transcription factor and EMT-inducing gene, promotes stemness(More)
The Cancer Genome Atlas project has generated multi-dimensional and highly integrated genomic data from a large number of patient samples with detailed clinical records across many cancer types, but it remains unclear how to best integrate the massive amount of genomic data into clinical practice. We report here our methodology to build a multi-dimensional(More)