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—As an essential way of human emotional behavior understanding, speech emotion recognition (SER) has attracted a great deal of attention in human-centered signal processing. Accuracy in SER heavily depends on finding good affect-related, discriminative features. In this paper, we propose to learn affect salient features for SER using convolutional neural(More)
In order to improve the recognition accuracy of speech emotion recognition, in this paper, a novel hierarchical method based on improved Decision Directed Acyclic Graph SVM (improved DDAGSVM) is proposed for speech emotion recognition. The improved DDAGSVM is constructed according to the confusion degrees of emotion pairs. In addition, a geodesic(More)
Functional paralanguage includes considerable emotion information, and it is insensitive to speaker changes. To improve the emotion recognition accuracy under the condition of speaker-independence, a fusion method combining the functional paralanguage features with the accompanying paralanguage features is proposed for the speaker-independent speech emotion(More)