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Accurate knowledge of the quality and environmental impact of the highway runoff in Pear River Delta, South China is required to assess this important non-point pollution source. This paper presents the quality characterization and environmental impact assessment of rainfall runoff from highways in urban and rural area of Guangzhou, the largest city of Pear(More)
One hundred and eighteen surface soil samples were collected from the Dongguan City, and analyzed for concentration of Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Pb, Cd, As, Hg, pH and OM. The spatial distribution and sources of soil heavy metals were studied using multivariate geostatistical methods and GIS technique. The results indicated concentrations of Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Cd and Hg(More)
Mining activities in the Dabaoshan area in the upper reach of the Hengshihe River have caused severe environmental changes, the waste water of milling and refining drained directly into the Hengshihe River, which contaminated the soils along the river severely. It is shown that Pb, Zn, Cd and Cu have contaminated the soil, the Cd contamination was more(More)
The results of Raman, SEM, CL and EDS analysis show that the quartz-type BIF (banded iron formation) in Tieshanmiao formation, from Wuyang area of south North China Craton mainly contains quartz, magnetite and a small quantity of calcite. In comparison, magnetites represent the highest automorphic degree, while calcites contribute to the lowest automorphic(More)
The Qinzhou Bay-Hangzhou Bay joint belt is a significant tectonic zone between the Yangtze and Cathaysian plates, where plentiful hydrothermal siliceous rocks are generated. Here, the authors studied the distribution of the siliceous rocks in the whole tectonic zone, which indicated that the tensional setting was facilitating the development of siliceous(More)
The index of local Moran's I is a useful tool for identifying hotspots of soil Ni and Cr, and for classifying them into spatial clusters and spatial outliers. To identify hotspots of vegetable soils Ni and Cr in high-incidence area of liver cancer, Shunde area of Foshan City, Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, 208 topsoil samples were collected from vegetable(More)
Investigations of crystal habit, quality and defects analysis of natural diamond and HPHT synthetic diamonds from Fe-C(H) and Ni-C system by Raman and PL spectra indicate that most of the diamonds from Fe-C(H) system have an octahedral habit which is the main habit in natural diamond, while most of the diamonds from Ni-C system have a hexakisoctahedral(More)
Marine siliceous rocks are widely distributed in the central orogenic belt (COB) of China and have a close connection to the geological evolution and metallogenesis. They display periodic distributions from Mesoproterozoic to Jurassic with positive peaks in the Mesoproterozoic, Cambrian--Ordovician, and Carboniferous--Permian and their deposition is(More)
The risks posed by heavy metal mobilization strongly depend on the pathways that the metals follow, with the sediment-water pathway representing a direct risk to groundwater contamination. Monitoring and sequential extraction experiments in the laboratory generally have limitations with respect to understanding the mechanisms of heavy metal mobilization in(More)
The XRD, FTIR and Raman spectrum were employed to study the characters of quartz from three types of rock samples, which are mineralized rock sample, near ore body rock sample and far away from ore body rock sample in Heliao lead-zinc polymetallic ore district. The research shows that the quartz in the mineralized rock and far away from ore body rock is(More)