Yongyun Cho

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In ubiquitous environments, all services head for contextawareness to provide appropriate services for a user’s situation. However, it is hard to implement all kinds of things related to context managements. In this paper we propose a ubiquitous workflow service framework, named uFlow, based on a structural context model and uWDL, which is a ubiquitous(More)
The development of agriculture has led to the development of civilization. In other words, the development of agriculture is one of the most important factors to the development of human life. So, many studies for the recent agricultural environments focus on the ITagricultural convergence to aim for smart and ubiquitous agricultural services. However, most(More)
A workflow model has been successively applied to traditional computing environments such as business processes for service automation. Recently, there are many studies that have tried to adopt workflows to ubiquitous computing. A service in the ubiquitous computing environments must be executed according to a user's situation information. However existing(More)