Yongyong He

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The wavelet network has been introduced as a special feed-forward neural network supported by the wavelet theory, and has become a popular tool in the approximation and forecast fields. In this paper, an evolutionary algorithm is proposed for constructing and training the wavelet network for approximation and forecast. This evolutionary algorithm utilises(More)
The steam turboset is the key equipment of the electric power system. Thus, it is very important and necessary to monitor and diagnose the running condition and the faults of the steam turboset for the safe and normal running of the electric power system. In this paper, the Internet/Intranet based remote condition monitoring and fault diagnosis scheme is(More)
The crack is a very serious defect in the rotor system. However, compared with any other defects, diagnosis of the rotor crack is more difficult, and its potential harm is similarly very serious. Therefore, it is very urgent and necessary to detect and diagnose the rotor crack effectively. In this paper, an approach of bispectrum analysis based on blind(More)
An ultrathin layer is investigated for its potential application of replacing conventional diffusion barriers and promoting interface adhesion for nanoelectric circuits with porous ultralow dielectrics. The porous ultralow dielectric (k ≈ 2.5) substrate is silanized by 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTMS) to form the nanoadhesive layer by performing oxygen(More)
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