Yongxun Liu

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We propose a flex-pass-gate SRAM (Flex-PG SRAM), <i>i.e</i>., a FinFET-based SRAM to enhance both the read and write static noise margins (SNMs) independently. The flip-flop in the Flex-PG SRAM consists of usual FinFETs while its pass gates consist of double-"independent"-gate FinFETs, four-terminal-FinFETs. A TCAD simulation revealed that the Flex-PG SRAM(More)
Multi-Gate device technology is the promising candidate for the enhancement of device characteristics of the scaled MOSFETs. Moreover, independent-double-gate devices have been proposed to achieve flexible Vth adjustment. It is revealed that the SRAM noise margins have been increased by introducing the independent-double-gate FinFET. key words: multi-gate(More)
An independent-gate four-terminal FinFET SRAM have been successfully fabricated for drastic leakage current reduction. The new SRAM is consisted of a four-terminal (4T-) FinFET which has a flexible V<sub>th</sub> controllability. The 4T-FinFET with a TiN metal gate is fabricated by a newly developed gate separation etching process. By appropriately(More)
An adaptive-threshold-voltage differential pair and a low-voltage source follower using independent-double-gate-(IDG-) FinFETs are proposed for a low-voltage operational amplifier (op amp). These circuits were implemented by our FinFET technology that enables co-integration of connected-DG- (CDG-) and IDG-FinFETs. The proposed components enable a two-stage(More)
Emerging fin-type double-gate MOSFETs (FinFETs) including threshold voltage (V/sub th/) controllable 4-terminal (4T) FinFETs fabricated by a orientation-dependent wet etching technique are presented. The excellent subthreshold characteristics in the fabricated FinFETs, the accurate current and transconductance multiplication in multi-fin devices and the(More)
Four-terminal (4T) FinFETs with independent double gates and an ideal rectangular cross-section Si-fin channel have successfully been fabricated by using newly developed orientation-dependent wet etching. The flexible threshold voltage (V/sub th/) controllability by one of the double gates arid by synchronized driving mode operation is systematically(More)
The scaled charge trapping (CT) type silicon on insulator (SOI) FinFET flash memories with different blocking layer materials of Al2O3 and SiO2 have successfully been fabricated, and their electrical characteristics including short-channel effect (SCE) immunity, threshold voltage (Vt) variability, and the memory characteristics have been comparatively(More)
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