Yongxin Zou

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Bmi1 has been identified as an important regulator in breast cancer, but its relationship with other signaling molecules such as ERα and HER2 is undetermined. The expression of Bmi1 and its correlation with ERα, PR, Ki-67, HER2, p16INK4a, cyclin D1 and pRB was evaluated by immunohistochemistry in a collection of 92 cases of breast cancer and statistically(More)
SSX, a family of genes clustered on the X chromosome, has been identified as a cancer–testis antigen and also forms a part of the SYT–SSX fusion gene found in synovial sarcoma, implying that it has an important role in tumorigenesis. However, knowledge of the molecular regulation of SSX is still limited. In this study, we demonstrate that SSX or its SYT(More)
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