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Surface temperature, precipitation, specific humidity and wind anomalies associated with the warm and cold phases of ENSO simulated by WRF and HadRM are examined for the present and future decades. WRF is driven by ECHAM5 and CCSM3, respectively, and HadRM is driven by HadCM3. For the current decades, the ECHAM5-WRF, CCSM3-WRF and HadRM simulations are(More)
This study investigated the usefulness of ToBI marks in determining the emotional state conveyed in speech. The Gaussian mixture model GMM used was as the classifier structure. A total of three different classification systems were developed based on the use of three different feature vectors. They were: (a) the classical approach that used signal pitch and(More)
In the case that a marine casualty occurs, the detection of the rescue target such as life rafts is surely required to carry out the prompt rescue of human life.To detect the small target in the wide views over the sea, we have proposed a new method including the feature extraction techniques based on the color information and the system learning method(More)
The traditional Expectation-Maximization (EM) training of Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) is essentially a batch mode procedure which requires the multiple data samples with the sufficient size to update the model parameters. This severely limits the deployment and adaptation of GMM in many real-time online systems since the newly observed data samples are(More)