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Randomized study of mononuclear bone marrow cell transplantation in patients with coronary surgery.
BACKGROUND Mononuclear bone marrow cell (MN-BMC) transplantation has great clinical potential to promote myocardiogenesis and angiogenesis. This randomized study was designed to assess theExpand
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Enhancement of non-specific immune response in sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) by Astragalus membranaceus and its polysaccharides.
In this study, the immunostimulatory effect of oral administration of different preparations (conventional fine powder [CP] and superfine powder [SP]) of Astragalus membranaceus root or itsExpand
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Chitosan-alginate microcapsules for oral delivery of egg yolk immunoglobulin (IgY).
Chitosan−alginate microcapsules were evaluated as a method of oral delivery of IgY antibodies. Physical characteristics, encapsulation efficiency (EE%), the loading capacity for IgY (IgY loadingExpand
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Whole-exome SNP array identifies 15 new susceptibility loci for psoriasis
Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have reproducibly associated ∼40 susceptibility loci with psoriasis. However, the missing heritability is evident and the contributions of coding variants haveExpand
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Advanced glycation end products impair the functions of saphenous vein but not thoracic artery smooth muscle cells through RAGE/MAPK signalling pathway in diabetes
Saphenous vein (SV) and internal thoracic artery (ITA) are commonly used bypass conduits. However, graft failure occurs in SV rather than in ITA, especially in diabetes (DM). The mechanism for thisExpand
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Polysaccharides from Astragalus membranaceus promote phagocytosis and superoxide anion (O2-) production by coelomocytes from sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus in vitro.
The potential immunostimulatory effects of Astralagus membranaceus polysaccharides (APS) on sea cucumber, Apostichopus japonicus (Selenka), were investigated in vitro. Phagocytosis and superoxideExpand
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Secondhand smoking and matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 gene expression in saphenous veins of women nonsmokers.
BACKGROUND Active smoking upregulated matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) and MMP-9 gene expression in saphenous veins (SVs) before coronary operation. However, little is known about the effects ofExpand
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Erratum to: Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in an APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Acknowledgments This study was partially supported by the National Key Department of Neurology funded by Chinese Health and Family Planning Committee, the National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaExpand
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α-Lipoic Acid Promotes Neurological Recovery After Ischemic Stroke by Activating the Nrf2/HO-1 Pathway to Attenuate Oxidative Damage
Background/Aims: Alpha-lipoic acid (α-LA) has been demonstrated to be protective against cerebral ischemia injury. Herein, we investigate the neuroprotective effect and underlying mechanisms of α-LA.Expand
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Aj-rel and Aj-p105, two evolutionary conserved NF-κB homologues in sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) and their involvement in LPS induced immunity.
The nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) has been evolutionary conserved from insects to mammals and plays a major regulatory role in the initiation of physiological responses. In this study, we identified andExpand
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