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Semantic annotation is one of the useful solutions to enrich target's (systems, models, meta-models, etc.) information. There are some papers which use semantic enrichment for different purposes (integration, composition, sharing and reuse, etc.) in several domains, but none of them provides a complete process of how to use semantic annotations. This paper(More)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has been considered as an essential concept for improving the product competitive ability in manufacturing enterprises. The PLM solution aims at providing a shared platform for facilitating the management of the knowledge related to any product development process in or across enterprises. However, facing with different(More)
XML data exchange has become ubiquitous in Business to Business (B2B) collaborations. Automating as much as possible the exchange of XML data between enterprise systems is a key requirement for ensuring agile interoperability and scalability in B2B collaborations. The lack of standardized XML canonical models or schemas in B2B data exchange, as well as(More)
The body of knowledge in open innovation (OI) has been growing and, nowadays, it is one of the most popular and debated concepts in innovation management. However, the literature on OI is fragmented, many definitions have been used across the studies and in each paper different characteristics of open innovation are assessed. This issue creates many "(More)
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