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OBJECTIVES To study the expression pattern and prognostic significance of SAMSN1 in glioma. METHODS Affymetrix and Arrystar gene microarray data in the setting of glioma was analyzed to preliminarily study the expression pattern of SAMSN1 in glioma tissues, and Hieratical clustering of gene microarray data was performed to filter out genes that have(More)
The spalt-like transcription factor 4 (SALL4) gene has been demonstrated to be overexpressed in many malignancies, but little is known about its expression in gliomas. To explore the expression of SALL4 in patients with gliomas and the relationship between SALL4 expression and clinicopathologic characteristics, qPCR and immunohistochemical staining were(More)
Gliomas are the most common form of primary brain tumor in the adult central nervous system. Altered expression and prognostic value of transmembrane protein 97 (TMEM97) has been recently reported in different types of human tumors. However, the association of TMEM97and glioma is poorly defined. Here, we reported that TMEM97 was significantly increased in(More)
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