Yongxiang Guo

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BACKGROUND Phosphorus (P) is essential for plant growth and development. Phosphate (Pi) transporter genes in the Pht1 family play important roles in Pi uptake and translocation in plants. Although Pht1 family genes have been well studied in model plants, little is known about their functions in soybean, an important legume crop worldwide. PRINCIPAL(More)
Legume biological nitrogen (N) fixation is the most important N source in agroecosystems, but it is also a process requiring a considerable amount of phosphorus (P). Therefore, developing legume varieties with effective N(2) fixation under P-limited conditions could have profound significance for improving agricultural sustainability. We show here that(More)
With the widely application of ARM technique, building the embedded operating system based on ARM processor has been a hot point of research. In this paper, the design of network device driver in Linux operating system based on ARM920T processor is implemented on the S3C2410- S development platform made in Beijing universal pioneering technology. Focused on(More)
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