Yongxia Yang

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Rip1-Tag2 mice is one overt pancreatic β-cell tumor model, which is widely used for studying pancreas tumor angiogenesis and tumor development. However, tumor metastasis in Rip1-Tag2 mice had rarely been reported, in this present study, we find some micrometastasis in lung and spleen of the Rip1-Tag2 mice at advanced stage, which is important for uncovering(More)
BACKGROUND Cervical cancer is one of the common gynecological malignancies with a high recurrence rate after surgery. This study aimed to analyze the clinicopathological risk factors for recurrence after the surgical treatment of cervical cancer and provide the basis for the prevention of recurrence and an improvement of prognosis. METHODS A total of 424(More)
Drug repurposing of non-cancer drugs represents an attractive approach to develop new cancer therapy. Using the TRAMP transgenic mouse model, glipizide, a widely used drug for type 2 diabetes mellitus, has been identified to suppress prostate cancer (PC) growth and metastasis. Angiogenesis is intimately associated with various human cancer developments.(More)
Pancreatic islet β cell tumor is the most common islet cell tumor. A well-characterized tumor progression in Rip1-Tag2 mice undergoes five stages, involving normal, hyperplasia, angiogenic islets, tumorigenesis and invasive carcinoma. (1)H NMR based metabonomics was applied to identify potential biomarkers for monitoring pancreatic islet β cell tumor(More)
Sucrose non-fermenting1-related protein kinase 2 (SnRK2) plays a key role in abiotic stress signaling in plants. In this study, gene structures, phylogeny, conserved motifs and promoters of NtSnRK2.7 and NtSnRK2.8 in tobacco have been analyzed. Phylogenetic analysis showed that NtSnRK2.7 and NtSnRK2.8 belong to subclass I and subclass III of SnRK2,(More)
SnRK2 is a plant-specific protein kinase family involved in abiotic stress signalling. In this study, NtSnRK2.1, NtSnRK2.2, and NtSnRK2.3, were cloned from tobacco by in silico cloning and reverse transcription PCR. The three protein kinases were classed into subfamily II of the SnRK2 family using a phylogenetic tree and C-terminus analysis. Subcellular(More)
There are a lot of studies on chronic stress assessment applying psychology instruments or hormones analysis. However, there are only few studies using electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a non-invasive method providing objective inspection on brain functioning. In this paper, we analyzed overall complexity and spectrum power of certain EEG bands (theta,(More)
The standardization of data element in land and resources management is an important component of the standardization of information technology in the field. It's an essential method to guarantee the interconnection, intercommunication and interoperability, and achieve the information sharing. This study is a case study on Beijing Municipal Land and(More)
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