Yongwoon Park

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— The fast and accurate computation of surface normals from a point cloud is a critical step for many 3D robotics and automotive problems, including terrain estimation, mapping, navigation, object segmentation, and object recognition. To obtain the tangent plane to the surface at a point, the traditional approach applies total least squares to its small(More)
— This paper presents a model predictive approach for collision avoidance of car-like robots. An optimal problem is formulated in terms of cost minimization under constraints. Information on each robot can be incorporated online in the non-linear model predictive framework and kinematic constraints are treated by Karush-Kuhn-Tucker(KKT) condition. For(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of how to incorporate smartphones into a network simulator. In such a network simulation environment, a real smartphone's network stack can interact with a simulated network and thus, new network protocols programmed to work on top of a real smartphone can easily be tested within a controllable simulated(More)
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