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As next-generation sequencing projects generate massive genome-wide sequence variation data, bioinformatics tools are being developed to provide computational predictions on the functional effects of sequence variations and narrow down the search of casual variants for disease phenotypes. Different classes of sequence variations at the nucleotide level are(More)
UNLABELLED We present a web server to predict the functional effect of single or multiple amino acid substitutions, insertions and deletions using the prediction tool PROVEAN. The server provides rapid analysis of protein variants from any organisms, and also supports high-throughput analysis for human and mouse variants at both the genomic and protein(More)
Information theory traditionally deals with “conventional data,” be it textual data, image, or video data. However, databases of various sorts have come into existence in recent years for storing “unconventional data” including biological data, social data, web data, topographical maps, and medical data. In compressing such data,(More)
Previous report showed that cytosolic Ca2+ induced by hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) promotes HBV replication. In this study, in vitro experiments showed that (i) HBV core assembly in vitro was promoted by Ca2+ through the sucrose density gradient and the analytical ultracentrifuge analysis. Also, (ii) transmission electron microscope analysis(More)
Maize is a global crop and a powerful system among grain crops for genetic and genomic studies. However, the development of novel biological tools and resources to aid in the functional identification of gene sequences is greatly needed. Towards this goal, we have developed a collection of maize marker lines for studying native gene expression in specific(More)
Recently we have developed a new algorithm, PROVEAN (<u>Pro</u>tein <u>V</u>ariation <u>E</u>ffect <u>An</u>alyzer), for predicting the functional effect of protein sequence variations, including single amino acid substitutions and small insertions and deletions [2]. The prediction is based on the change,(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The intestinal epithelium consists of EphB2-positive proliferative basal cryptic cells and EphrinB1-positive, postmitotic differentiated cells. We investigated the effects of Notch signaling on formation of the EphB2-EphrinB1 boundary using mouse and tissue culture models. METHODS We created mice in which Mind bomb-1 (Mib1), an essential(More)
Infections by pan-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii plague military and civilian healthcare systems. Previous A. baumannii pan-genomic studies used modest sample sizes of low diversity and comparisons to a single reference genome, limiting our understanding of gene order and content. A consensus representation of multiple genomes will provide a better(More)
Traditionally, the performance of distributed algorithms has been measured in terms of time and message complexity. Message complexity concerns the number of messages transmitted over all the edges during the course of the algorithm. However, in energy-constraint radio or wireless networks (e.g., sensor networks), energy is a critical factor in measuring(More)
F. Brooks argues in [3] there is “no theory that gives us a metric for information embodied in structure” Shannon himself alluded to it fifty years earlier in his little known 1953 paper [14]. Indeed, in the past information theory dealt mostly with “conventional data,” be it textual data, image, or video data. However, databases(More)