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To investigate whether the sensory perception could be a more direct assessment of sensory deficit as oppose to the postural performance, we examined the effect of reduced cutaneous cues on motion perception and motion control. The subject was translated in a mediolateral direction with a single sinusoidal acceleration at a stimulus frequency of 0.25 Hz(More)
When measuring thresholds, careful selection of stimulus amplitude can increase efficiency by increasing the precision of psychometric fit parameters (e.g., decreasing the fit parameter error bars). To find efficient adaptive algorithms for psychometric threshold (“sigma”) estimation, we combined analytic approaches, Monte Carlo simulations, and human(More)
Perceptual thresholds are commonly assayed in the laboratory and clinic. When precision and accuracy are required, thresholds are quantified by fitting a psychometric function to forced-choice data. The primary shortcoming of this approach is that it typically requires 100 trials or more to yield accurate (i.e., small bias) and precise (i.e., small(More)
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