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MapReduce is an important programming model for processing and generating large data sets in parallel. It is commonly applied in applications such as web indexing, data mining, machine learning, etc. As an open-source implementation of MapReduce, Hadoop is now widely used in industry. Virtualization, which is easy to configure and economical to use, shows(More)
The resources especially energy in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are quite limited. Since sensor nodes are usually much dense, data sampled by sensor nodes have much redundancy, data aggregation becomes an effective method to eliminate redundancy, minimize the number of transmission, and then to save energy. Many applications can be deployed in WSNs and(More)
Emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) offers non-volatility, byte-addressability and fast access at the same time. To make the best use of these properties, it has been shown by empirical evidence that programs should access NVM directly through CPU load and store instructions, so that the overhead of a traditional file system or database can be avoided. Thus,(More)
ChinaGrid Support Platform (CGSP) is proposed to provide grid toolkit for ChinaGrid application developers and specific grid constructors, in order to reduce their development cost as greatly as possible. CGSP extensible and reconfigurable framework, which satisfies the expansion and autonomy requirement of ChinaGrid, is mainly discussed in the paper. In(More)
Emerging byte-addressable nonvolatile memories (NVMs) promise persistent memory, which allows processors to directly access persistent data in main memory. Yet, persistent memory systems need to guarantee a consistent memory state in the event of power loss or a system crash (i.e., crash consistency). To guarantee crash consistency, most prior works rely on(More)
—Recently, companies and standards organizations are enhancing Ethernet as the unified switch fabric for all of the TCP/IP traffic, the storage traffic and the interprocess communication(IPC) traffic in Data Center Networks(DCNs). Backward Congestion Notification(BCN) is the basic mechanism for the end-to-end congestion management enhancement. To fulfill(More)
Task partitioning of a graph-parallel system is traditionally considered equivalent to the graph partition problem. Such equivalence exists because the properties associated with each vertex/edge are normally considered in-divisible. However, this assumption is not true for many Machine Learning and Data Mining (MLDM) problems: instead of a single value, a(More)
With the development of location-based services (LBS), LBS users are generating more and more spatio-textual data, e.g., checkins and attraction reviews. Since a spatio-textual entity may have different representations, possibly due to GPS deviations or typographical errors, it calls for effective methods to integrate the spatio-textual data from different(More)
Current data storage on smartphones mostly inherits from desktop/server systems a flash-centric design: The memory (DRAM) effectively acts as an I/O cache for the relatively slow flash. To improve both app responsiveness and energy efficiency, this paper proposes MobiFS, a memory-centric design for smartphone data storage. This design no longer exercises(More)
Grid computing has been playing key roles in the area of scientific computing. The two main computing grids in China are CNGrid (China National Grid) and ChinaGrid. This paper introduces these two main grids and their corresponding key technique, the architecture of grid middleware of bioinformatics applications, the bioinformatics service of these two(More)