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Video synopsis aims at providing condensed representations of video data sets that can be easily captured from digital cameras nowadays, especially for daily surveillance videos. Previous work in video synopsis usually moves active objects along the time axis, which inevitably causes collisions among the moving objects if compressed much. In this paper, we(More)
This paper presents an efficient exact nearest patch matching algorithm which can accurately find the most similar patch-pairs between source and target image. Traditional match matching algorithms treat each pixel/patch as an independent sample and build a hierarchical data structure, such as kd-tree, to accelerate nearest patch finding. However, most of(More)
This paper presents a novel unified hierarchical structure for scalable edit propagation. Our method is based on the key observation that in edit propagation, appearance varies very smoothly in those regions where the appearance is different from the user-specified pixels. Uniformly sampling in these regions leads to redundant computation. We propose to use(More)
We construct a unified interactive video retargeting system for video summarization, completion, and reshuffling. Our system combines the advantages of both video warping and summarizing processing. We first warp the video to present initial editing results, then refine the results using patch-based summarizing optimization, which mainly eliminates possible(More)
We present a new approach using a multi-scale joint bilateral filter for upsampling the synthesized texture generated by optimization-based methods. Our method is based on the following motivation: if the available exemplar texture is used as a priority to upsample the synthesized texture, a high resolution result that prevents image blurring can be(More)
Video synopsis aims at removing video's less important information, while preserving its key content for fast browsing, retrieving, or efficient storing. Previous video synopsis methods, including frame-based and object-based approaches that remove valueless whole frames or combine objects from time shots, cannot handle videos with redundancies existing in(More)
Underexposed video enhancement aims at revealing hidden details that are barely noticeable in LDR video frames with noise. Previous work typically relies on a single heuristic tone mapping curve to expand the dynamic range, which inevitably leads to uneven exposure and visual artifacts. In this paper, we present a novel approach for underexposed video(More)
Stitching videos captured by handheld devices is very useful, but also very challenging due to the heavy and independent shakiness in the videos. In this paper, we propose a hand-taken video stitching method which combines the techniques of video stitching and stabilization together into a unified optimization framework. In this way, our method can compute(More)
This paper presents a new model resizing approach intended for preservation of important geometric content and geometric symmetries of the model to be resized. We first extract high-level symmetric regions and other low-level salient regions from the input model. Then, we map the extracted low-level and high-level geometry information to a protective(More)