Yongtao Qin

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With the increase of product complexity, product quality assurance is no longer completed by isolated enterprise internal quality control. To meet the demand of inter-enterprise quality control function fast reconfiguration, based on fractal and complex networks theory, inter-enterprise quality control fractal networks model is constructed by the fractal(More)
Along with the intensification of global competition and the complexity of manufacturing products, cooperation among enterprises becomes more intimately, and the range of quality control extends from internal to the external enterprises. Consequently, previous quality control methods for internal enterprise have been difficult to meet the demands of(More)
With economies tending towards global uniformity, the traditional quality control in a single enterprise has to be innovated. Core competencies or leadership capabilities in quality control have to be strengthened by the complementary capabilities of partners for extended enterprise (E2). So how to establish an economic and effective quality tracing and(More)
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