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China's Struggle for Status: The Realignment of International Relations
1. Introduction 2. International status and Chinese foreign policy 3. Negotiating the human rights standard 4. Reacting to the 'China threat theories' 5. Strategic partnerships with Russia, theExpand
Remolding great power politics: China's strategic partnerships with Russia, the European Union, and India
Abstract The article investigates China's strategic partnerships with Russia, the European Union (EU), and India. The bulk of it is devoted to a comprehensive inquiry into Sino-Russian strategicExpand
China views globalization: Toward a new great‐power politics?
China's strategic choices increasingly seek to use globalization as a way to make China rich and strong, reduce international fears of its rising material power, and transform great‐power politics toExpand
The Power and Politics of Recognition: Status in China’s Foreign Relations
The concept of status, generally considered under the purview of sociology, has great analytical potential in explaining major power motivations in the post—Cold War era. It is particularly apt toExpand
The Chinese Conception of National Interests in International Relations
The pursuit of national interests is the legitimate goal of a state's foreign policy. Yet in the 1990s, politicians in the West and the U.S. have criticized the Chinese government for its allegedlyExpand
Promoting Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation: Perspectives from East Asia
List of Tables - Preface and Acknowledgements - Abbreviations - Introduction - Regional Systems in History: Pax Sinica and the Japanese Sphere of East Asian Coprosperity - Japan: The ProblematicExpand
China: The Post-Responsible Power
Something profound seems to have occurred in Chinese foreign policy since the global financial crisis starting in 2007–08. Many have noted an assertive and nationalist Chinese shift, as mostExpand
China rising : power and motivation in Chinese foreign policy
Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Beijing's Incentive Structure: The Pursuit of Preservation, Prosperity, and Power Chapter 3 Better Than Power: "International Status" in Chinese Foreign PolicyExpand