Yongtang Jin

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Cigarette smoking is the most established risk factor, and genetic variants and/or gene promoter methylations are also considered to play an essential role in development of lung cancer, but the pathogenesis of lung cancer is still unclear. We collected the data of 150 cases and 150 age-matched and sex-matched controls on a Hospital-Based Case-Control Study(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of allergic sensitization has increased all over the world during last years and allergic sensitization may be related to genetic or environmental factors or to both. The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence rates of allergic sensitization and assess the familial aggregation of allergic sensitization to(More)
BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease associated with an HLA-Cw6 allele. Higher waist-hip ratio (WHR) and body mass index (BMI) may increase the risk of psoriasis vulgaris, but, to our knowledge, no evidence of the combined effects of HLA-Cw6 and BMI, WHR are available. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the combined effect of HLA-Cw6, BMI and(More)
INTRODUCTION The limited information for effects of serum trace elements and genetic polymorphisms on lung cancer is available. Based on a hospital based case-control study, the epidemiological questionnaires were completed by face to face interview, and the gene polymorphisms were tested by RFLP-PCR, and serum trace metals were measured by atomic(More)
As an important risk factor of respiratory disorders, traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) has caused extensive concerns. Epigenetic change has been considered a link between TRAP and respiratory diseases. However, the exact effects of TRAP on epigenetic changes are still unclear. Here we investigated the dose- and time- effect responses of TRAP on DNA(More)
Traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) is a potential risk factor for numerous respiratory disorders, including lung cancer, while alteration of DNA methylation may be one of the underlying mechanisms. However, the effects of TRAP mixtures on DNA methylation have not been investigated. We have studied the effects of brief or prolonged TRAP exposures on DNA(More)
Volatile organic compounds(VOCs) is an attractive issue as indoor air contamination in resent years. In comprehensive life, most of people spend about 90% of their time indoor. Therefore, VOCs indoor contamination has adverse impact to people's health. In this paper, the source, variety and health impact of VOCs were reviewed and summarized.
Traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) has been acknowledged as a potential risk factor for numerous respiratory disorders including lung cancer; however, the exact mechanisms involved are still unclear. Here we investigated the effects of TRAP exposure on the H3K9 acetylation in rats. The exposure was performed in both spring and autumn with identical study(More)