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Along with the thorough development and application for Web services, the security of it has taken people¿s attention more and more. While Web services security (WSS) can exchange safe SOAP message and enhance the security of Web services, it will also have certain influence to the performance of Web services. In order to satisfy the security of it , to(More)
Currently, hair geometry is mostly represented as sequences of 3D points. It is difficult to simulate hair directly from this representation. This paper proposes a novel approach to convert hair geometry model into helices, which could be easily plugged into dynamic hair simulation. We construct a hair model from a hybrid orientation field. Then we use(More)
Chinese character component recognition plays an important role in Chinese character studying process. In this digital age, using the technology of computer science to analyzing Chinese character component, has a very important significance for the development of traditional culture. In this paper, we propose an optimal combined strategy based method for(More)
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