Yongsun Ryu

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The Internet protocol television (IPTV) services such as VOD, multi-channel SD/HD, T-Portal, T-Communication are provided for Customers through a super-highway information network (xDSL, FTTH, Cable etc). The Customers using IPTV services are requesting Service Providers to Customer quality assurance as network performance. Service providers and their(More)
This paper proposes an integrated SLA/CNM management system that focuses on SLA and CNM monitoring and reporting mechanism. In this paper, we explain the metrics, architecture, and network. This SLA/CNM system aims to furnish service customers with good quality performance and aims to offer services providers the chance of preventing the violation of SLA(More)
As the technology of internet and multimedia processing is improving, IPTV has emerged as new revenue opportunities to network service providers. Network service providers have to consider both network and multimedia processing factors to guarantee adaptable network service level of IPTV service. In the view of network service customers, it is a good way to(More)
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