Yongsuk Park

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Keywords: Secure multicast Group key management Key tree management a b s t r a c t In secure multicast communication, group key management plays an essential role for the guarantee of data confidentiality and integrity. Because communication bandwidth is a limited resource, most group key management schemes for scalable secure multicast communications have(More)
— In this work we propose an energy-efficient transmission strategy for wireless sensor networks that operate in a strict energy-constrained environment. Our transmission algorithm consists of two components: a binary-decision based transmission and a channel-aware backoff adjustment. In the binary-decision based transmission, decision on whether to(More)
In VANETs the trade off between energy efficiency and throughput is one of the main constraints since the medium is time varying wireless channel. In this work we introduce fragmented transmission scheme in to VANETs that improve the energy efficiency pursuing high throughput. In existing systems contention window and back off stage is adapted according to(More)