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The fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm is 1 widely used as a standard tool to carry out spectral analysis 2 because of its computational efficiency. However, the presence of 3 multiple tones frequently requires a fine frequency resolution 4 to achieve sufficient accuracy, which imposes the use of a 5 large number of FFT points that results in large area(More)
The inverter-based switched-capacitor delta–sigma (ΔΣ) analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) has become popular due to its low-voltage low-power capabilities. This brief proposes a new current regulation technique for the inverter-based circuits. The proposed circuit controls both the power supply and the common-mode levels in response to the process–voltage–(More)
Black phosphorus (BP) has recently emerged as a promising narrow band gap layered semiconductor with optoelectronic properties that bridge the gap between semimetallic graphene and wide band gap transition metal dichalcogenides such as MoS2. To date, BP field-effect transistors have utilized a lateral geometry with in-plane transport dominating device(More)
Analyzing software similarity has emerged as a key ingredient for various applications such as software maintenance, bug finding, malware clustering and copyright protection. In this paper, we propose a novel software similarity analysis tool for plagiarism detection. The tool, which we refer to it as RAMC (Runtime Abstract Memory Context based tool), has(More)
Low-voltage complementary circuits comprising n-type and p-type van der Waals heterojunction vertical field-effect transistors (VFETs) are demonstrated. The resulting VFETs possess high on-state current densities (>3000 A cm(-2) ) and on/off current ratios (>10(4) ) in a narrow voltage window (<3 V).
A novel multibit MoS2 photoelectronic nonvolatile memory device is developed by synergistically combining rational device designs and the efficient transfer of large-area MoS2 flakes. The MoS2 photoelectronic memory exhibits excellent memory characteristics, including a large programming/erasing current ratio that exceeds 10(7) , multilevel data storage of(More)
One-dimensional (1D) nano/microwires have attracted significant attention as promising building blocks for various electronic and optical device applications. The integration of these elements into functional device networks with controlled alignment and density presents a significant challenge for practical device applications. Here, we demonstrated the(More)
We devised a simple transparent metal oxide thin film transistor architecture composed of only two component materials, an amorphous metal oxide and ion gel gate dielectric, which could be entirely assembled using room-temperature processes on a plastic substrate. The geometry cleverly takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the two components. An(More)
In this paper, a novel on-chip impedance calibration methodology for a LPDDR4 (low power double data rate) application is proposed. The background calibration operates to compensate mismatches and variations of the output NMOS drivers from process and temperature variations. The impedance matching concept uses process sensor and temperature monitoring(More)