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A functional screen for sonic hedgehog regulatory elements across a 1 Mb interval identifies long-range ventral forebrain enhancers
An enhancer trap assay was devised to systematically screen 1 Mb of DNA surrounding the Shh locus for the ability to target reporter gene expression to sites of Shh transcription in transgenic mouse embryos, uncovering six enhancers distributed over 400 kb that regulated Shh-like expression in the ventral midbrain, the majority of the ventralsidephalon and parts of the telencephalon.
Regulation of a remote Shh forebrain enhancer by the Six3 homeoprotein
A rare nucleotide variant located 460 kb upstream of SHH in an individual with HPE that resulted in the loss of Shh brain enhancer-2 (SBE2) activity in the hypothalamus of transgenic mouse embryos is described, suggesting a direct link between Six3 and Shh regulation during normal forebrain development and in the pathogenesis of HPE.
Spatial and temporal requirements for sonic hedgehog in the regulation of thalamic interneuron identity
A model whereby Shh signaling from distinct spatial and temporal domains in the diencephalon exhibits unique and overlapping functions in the development of discrete classes of thalamic interneurons is suggested.
Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor signaling by miR-200b
It is shown that transfection of synthetic miR-200b reduced protein levels of VEGF, Flt-1, and KDR, and that miR -200b may have therapeutic potential as an angiogenesis inhibitor.
Distinct regulators of Shh transcription in the floor plate and notochord indicate separate origins for these tissues in the mouse node
A ShH-responsive regulatory element is identified that directs transgene reporter expression to the ventral midline of the CNS and notochord in a Shh-like manner and critical cis-acting sequences regulating this element are characterized.