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For high resolution CT image reconstruction, algebraic reconstruction methods are widely used to get relatively good image quality. However, the slow speed has prohibited its routine use in clinical and industrial applications. Many GPU-based accelerated algebraic reconstruction methods have been presented for three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction in cone(More)
Tags are markers placed on or in animals to identify an individual. Animals are tagged to estimate their abundance as well as rates of growth, fishing mortality, natural mortality, and movement. In many studies, a tagged animal is assumed to retain its tag permanently. This assumption, however, is not valid for certain types of tags. Consequently , many(More)
The radiation dose reduction without sacrificing the image quality as an important issue has raised the attention of CT manufacturers and different automatic exposure control (AEC) strategies have been adopted in their products. In this paper, we focus on the strategy of tube current modulation. It is deduced based on the signal-to-noise (SNR) of the(More)
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