Yongshun Huang

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A novel efficient Ag@AgCl/g-C3N4 plasmonic photocatalyst was synthesized by a rational in situ ion exchange approach between exfoliated g-C3N4 nanosheets with porous 2D morphology and AgNO3. The as-prepared Ag@AgCl-9/g-C3N4 plasmonic photocatalyst exhibited excellent photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation for rhodamine B degradation with(More)
Nitrate is an important nitrogen source used by plants. Despite of the considerable variation in the amount of soil nitrate, plants keep cytosolic nitrate at a homeostatic controlled level. Here we describe a set of homeostatic controller motifs and their interaction that can maintain robust cytosolic nitrate homeostasis at fluctuating external nitrate(More)
In the past few decades, the applications of nanomaterials in biologic systems have become one of the most studied areas. Many novel syntheses and processing methods have been developed to generate nanomaterials to enhance biomedical applications. Among those methods, polydopamine (PDA) integrated nanomaterials have attracted considerable interest for(More)
In this paper, the problems of calculating and solution about electromagnetic fields were studied. An accurate theory model was established which can apply in high-performance numerical calculation. The new calculating method was proposed using Maxwell’s equations in the circumstances of that electromagnetic field is static, axial symmetric, without charge(More)
Metal silicates have attracted extensive interests due to their unique structure and promising properties in adsorption and catalysis. However, their applications were hampered by the complex and expensive synthesis. In this paper, three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical flower-like metal silicate, including magnesium silicate, zinc silicate, nickel silicate(More)
The increased production of carbon dots (CDs) and the release and accumulation of CDs in both surface and groundwater has resulted in the increasing interest in their research. To assess the environmental behavior of CDs, the interaction between CDs and goethite was studied under different environmental conditions. Electrokinetic characterization of CDs(More)
The smaller particle sizes, better dispersion, and more heterojunction interfaces can enhance the photocatalytic performance of photocatalysts. Herein, ultradispersed amorphous silver silicates/ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets heterojunction composites (a-AgSiO/CNNS) with intimate interfacial coupling effect were synthesized through the facile in situ(More)
Most studies of the effects of manufacturing defects such as voids have focused on composite strength properties, e.g. the interlaminar strength [1]. The current study investigates how irregularities in the manufacturing process affect progressive damage in the subcritical regime. This effort is along the lines of a broader strategy for performance(More)