Yongsheng Si

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This paper presents an apple recognition method based on texture features and Maximum Expectation (EM) algorithm for Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). The images were converted to HSV space from RGB space and the H channel images were selected as interested images to be processed. The images of H channel were divided into blocks of 8*8 pixels and the(More)
In order to design a robot which can automatically recognize and locate apples for harvesting, a machine vision system was developed. Three algorithms used in the vision system to recognize and locate apples were described in this study. An apple recognition algorithm with color difference R G and color difference ratio (R G)/(G B) was presented. If a pixel(More)
An algorithm of generating navigation path in orchard for harvesting robot based on machine vision was presented. According to the features of orchard images, a horizontal projection method was adopted to dynamically recognize the main trunks area. Border crossing points between the tree and the earth were detected by scanning the trunks areas, and these(More)
The control system of laser leveling machine was redesigned and tested to improve the performance and decrease the cost. In this paper, the control system of the machine which contains transmitter, receiver and controller was introduced. The receiver had silicon photoelements as photoelectric sensors. A kind of light filter was designed which was composed(More)
Potato tuber length to width (L/W) ratio is a critical crop trait evaluated during the development and selection of new cultivars to assess the effects of environment and management on tuber size and shape. The major challenges in manual measurement of L/W ratio are that it is labor-intensive, time consuming, and sometimes inconsistent. A high-throughput,(More)
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