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Next-generation grid systems where the emphasis shifts to distributed global collaboration, a service-oriented approach, and information layer issues exhibit a strong sense of automation. Requirements for these systems resemble the self-organizing and the self-healing properties of natural ecosystems. Inspired by this resemblance, we introduce some key(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the major trend in shaping the development of the next generation of information networks. The challenges of the enormous, dynamic, incredibly diverse and high complexity of the IoT urgently require novel self-organization scheme because most of the existing distributed self-organization schemes cannot be directly(More)
In the first part of this paper, we investigate explicit structure of the typical Takagi– Sugeno (TS) fuzzy PI and PD controllers. By typical, we mean the use of at least three trapezoidal or triangular input fuzzy sets for each input variable, fuzzy rules with linear consequent, Zadeh fuzzy logic AND operator and the centroid defuzzifier. This(More)