Yongsheng Chai

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This research proposes a collaborative strategy for the collaborative Manufacturing execution system (CMES) over the networked environment. In contrast to the existing MES, a general wrapper is build on the top of MES applications, which combined earlier generation MES functionality to operate and improve plant operations, and to add better ability to(More)
Lean production is now a wildly adopted philosophy to eliminating waste and string towards continuous improvement in production but what a software solutions to support is still a hot point. Collaborative manufacturing execution systems (CMES), as a brand new concept deriving from manufacturing execution systems (MES), may be the right carrier in shop(More)
Virtual manufacturing is introduced to the production process of E-Blocks of computer disk drives, which mainly includes the technologies of digital modeling, computer simulation and structural optimization. The Secondary development technology of CAD (computer aided design) is used to improve the efficiency of digital modeling. The trial period is cut down(More)
Locators are important parts for clamping and locating auto-bodies in the jigs of an automobile welding line. Their diverse shapes and number lead to the complexity of the toolpath planning for them. Thus the efficiency of the numeric control(NC) for them is important to the productivity of automobile welding lines. An automatic NC programming system for(More)
A negotiation method based on the network is proposed, which is aimed to control the negotiating cost through the networks for those large of components suppliers. About the negotiating cost, the detailed classified result is generated such as the explicit cost and implicit cost. Each of them is generated from the different negotiating environment. In the(More)
For increasing the precision, It applies the multimember information fusion to TPMS. The model fuses two complementary information: pressure and temperature. Compared with traditional ones, the proposed system has the advantages of completeness, unity, variety, fault-tolerant of information and so on; it can accomplish the purpose of early warning for tire(More)
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