Yongshen Ren

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In this study, objective differences between the Cold (Han) and Hot (Re) nature of traditional Chinese medicines, e.g. Strobal and Rhubarb, are determined by using a cold/hot plate differentiation technology. A novel, self-designed cold/hot plate differentiating instrument, with methodological study, was used to investigate the intervention of Strobal and(More)
The description and differentiation of the so-called “Cold” and “Hot” natures, the primary “Drug Naure” of Chinese medicine, is the focus of theoretical research. In this study, the divergency between the “Cold” and the “Hot” natures was investigated through examining the temperature tropism of mice affected by Coptis chinensis Franch and its processed(More)
Herbal injections are powerful preparations of traditional Chinese medicines. However, the quality control (QC) of these formulations is difficult to establish. Recently, chemical fingerprinting (CF) has been recommended as a potential strategy for the QC of herbal injections. However, some constituents cannot be detected by chromatographic methods. To(More)
Magnetic γ-Fe2 O3 nanocrystallites encapsulated by hydroxyapatite (HAP), HAP@γ-Fe2 O3 , were prepared followed by cation exchange of Ca(2+) on the external HAP surface with Ru(3+) to give the γ-Fe2 O3 @HAP-Ru catalyst. The structure of the as-prepared catalyst was characterized, and its catalytic activity was studied in the aerobic oxidation of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the toxicity-attenuating effect and the dose-toxicity relationship of rhubarb by processing based on correspondence. METHOD The effects of different processed materials of rhubarb on the hepatic and renal functions of mice was researched in a way of parallel comparison, as well as the chemical alteration induced by processing was(More)
Bioassay, which construct the characteristics consistents with Chinese medical science, is the core mode and methods for the quality control of Chinese materia medica. Taking the bioassay of Radix Isatidis as an example, the contribution, status and application of bioassay in the quality control of Chinese materia medica were introduced in this article, and(More)
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