Yongquan Yu

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Extension data mining is a new method that is based on the extension analysis method of extenics. Extenics is a new disciplinary and a new branch of artificial intelligence. Data mining techniques have their origins in methods from statistics, pattern recognition, databases, artificial intelligence, high performance and parallel computing and visualization.(More)
Extenics is a theory probes into solving contradiction problems with computers. This article gives three restricting qualifications for matter-elements' extension. There was never a restricting qualification advanced to measure whether a contradiction problem should be solved in extenics method, so this article does great contribution to extenics theory.
When traditional genetic algorithm is applied in mining association rules, it would get into local prematurity and becomes slow-footed in convergence.The paper brings forward that evolution strategy's excellence is applied in genetic algorithm’s evolutional process. Then optimized genetic algorithm is used for mining association rules. In order to(More)
This paper studies the more efficient and easier design of the fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for course-changing and course-keeping. In this paper, we present the new method to tune the rule base in fuzzy control system. According to the change status of system error, the real-time tuning algorithm is proposed to tune the consequent part fuzzy values, hence(More)
This paper introduces the related basic concepts of extension control, the structure of canonical extension control extension set of character status of basic extension controller, and general extension control algorithm, gives the related error analysis for the extension domain of basic extension controller, and presents a improved extension control(More)
The association between endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and human sperm quality is controversial due to the inconsistent literature findings, therefore, a systematic review with meta-analysis was performed. Through the literature search and selection based on inclusion criteria, a total of 9 studies (7 cross-sectional, 1 case-control, and 1 pilot(More)
This paper presents a new method to optimize the fuzzy control system for ship course-changing and course-keeping. In fuzzy control system, fuzzy rules optimization is a crucial step in the development of a fuzzy model. This work studies a new approach for fuzzy rule base optimization by means of extension method. The optimization solution especially solves(More)
Extension detecting is a new technology for the measurement problem. It is proposed in order to solve the problem that cannot be detected. The related matter-elements are the very important elements that are the detectable matter-elements in the processing of extension detecting. The way to choice the key related matter-elements are also given in this(More)