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The quality of tea is presently evaluated by the sensory assessment of professional tea tasters, however, this approach is both inconsistent and inaccurate. A more standardized and efficient method is urgently needed to objectively evaluate tea quality. In this study, the chemical fingerprint of 7 different Dayi Pu-erh tea brands and 3 different Ya'an tea(More)
Data De-duplication has being used comprehensively within Disk-based Backups, Archives and Disaster Recovery. This technology's high data reduction ratio and satisfied performance in secondary data storage system has aroused huge interests in other fields. The primary storage system is indeed a field being long for data reduction. Data de-duplication maybe(More)
In Cloud environment, a number of compute resources are distributed in a resource pool, and a variety of applications can get computing resources, storage space and all kinds of software services if they need through information sharing and real-time communication on the internet. SWF focuses on the data analysis, so the correctness, integrity, consistency(More)
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