Yongquan Xie

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BACKGROUND Biventricular repair of double-outlet right ventricle (DORV) with noncommitted ventricular septal defect (VSD) or subpulmonary VSD, associated with pulmonary stenosis, remains controversial. The usual technique, Rastelli or réparation à l'étage ventriculaire (REV) procedure, may not meet a perfect biventricular outflow tract reconstruction in(More)
In order to realize an optimal resource service allocation in current open and service-oriented manufacturing model, multiuser resource service composition (RSC) is modeled as a combinational and constrained multiobjective problem. The model takes into account both subjective and objective quality of service (QoS) properties as representatives to evaluate a(More)
This paper presents the mediated hierarchical identity-based combined public key (mHIB-CPK) scheme by applying the concept of mediated hierarchical identity-based encryption (mHIBE) [1] to identity-based combined public key (IB-CPK) [2], which is an identity-based encryption (IBE) [3] scheme compatible with ElGamal [4] and other algorithms based on discrete(More)
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