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Issues to consider using nano indentation on shallow ion beam irradiated materials
Abstract Ion beam irradiation is a widely used method to cause radiation damage in materials in order to study materials degradation under radiation in a laboratory setting. Nanoindentation hasExpand
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Fabrication of lanthanum-based phosphate binder using cross-linked alginate as a carrier
In this paper, phosphate binding properties of lanthanum carbonate loaded sodium alginate cross-linked beads (LaC@SA) were investigated. The beads were shaped when the alginate solution (withExpand
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Orientable pore-size-distribution of ZnO nanostructures and their superior photocatalytic activity
Rod-like ZnO micro-nanostructures have been synthesized by a solvothermal-assisted heat treatment method. The micro-nanostructures consist of polycrystalline nanoparticles with a hexagonal wurtziteExpand
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In situ self-assembly synthesis and photocatalytic performance of hierarchical Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 micro/nanostructures
A novel hierarchical Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 (BNT) micro/nanostructure was synthesized viain situself-assembly of BNT nanocrystals under hydrothermal conditions. Each spheric flower-like BNTExpand
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Microwave-assisted Fabrication of PS@CdS Core-Shell Nanostructures and CdS Hollow Spheres
CdCl2, TAA, and PVP with PS microspheres without surface modification. The products were investigated by XRD, FE-SEM, TEM, IR, and Raman. CdS hollow spheres were easily obtained by removing the PSExpand
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A facile method to immobilize ZnxCd1 − xS nanocrystals on graphene nanoribbons
Abstract In this paper, Zn x Cd 1 − x S nanocrystals (NCs) were directly immobilized on graphene nanoribbons (NRs) by a facile one-step reaction. During the reaction, the formation of NCs and theExpand
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Improved p–n heterojunction device performance induced by irradiation in amorphous boron carbide films
Abstract Amorphous hydrogenated boron carbide films (a-B 10 C 2+ x :H y ) on Si p–n heterojunctions were fabricated utilizing plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). These devices wereExpand
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Synthesis of orange-like Fe3O4/PPy composite microspheres and their excellent Cr(VI) ion removal properties
Uniform orange-like Fe3O4/polypyrrole (PPy) composite microspheres have been synthesized using Fe3O4 microspheres as a chemical template under sonication. In the orange-like Fe3O4/PPy compositeExpand
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A new precursor for the chemical vapor deposition of tantalum nitride films
A new precursor system for the deposition of tantalum nitride films has been developed. The tantalum(IV) complexes Ta(NEt2)2Cl2(p-Me2Npy)2 and Ta(NEt2)2(NCy2)2 were synthesized and their structuresExpand
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