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Aurelia spp. are among the main blooming jellyfish species. The polyp stage plays an important role in its outbreaks. To determine how temperature and food conditions may affect the process of reproduction, we maintained Aurelia sp. 1 polyps in the laboratory at three temperatures (10–15°C) and four food concentrations (0–0.1 mg C l−1) to test their(More)
A novel double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) mycovirus, designated Verticillium dahliae partitivirus 1 (VdPV1), was isolated from a strain of the fungus Verticillium dahliae. The VdPV1 genome has two dsRNA genome segments. The larger segment (1768 bp) has a single open reading frame (ORF) with a conserved RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) domain. The smaller(More)
Verticillium wilt is a soil-borne disease, and severely limits the development of cotton production. To investigate the role of endophytic fungi on Verticillium wilt, CEF-818 (Penicillium simplicissimum), CEF-714 (Leptosphaeria sp.), CEF-642 (Talaromyces flavus.) and CEF-193 (Acremonium sp.) isolated from cotton roots were used to assess their effects(More)
BACKGROUND Human parechovirus (HPeV) is a genus of virus in the family Picornaviridae, having two species A and B. HPeVs are common infectious agents, usually causing mild diarrhea and respiratory disease in young children. RESULTS Here, we collected and sequenced the near complete genome sequences of 17 novel HPeVs from children with diarrhea in eastern(More)
In the transformation of urban distribution industry, the problem of enterprises generally retaining a self-distribution mode is highlighted, and it is not conducive for enterprises to develop core business. Around the hot issue of climate change, but also the target of energy conservation and emission reduction, this paper puts forward the method of urban(More)
The newsvendor problem now has been extended into complicated models to meet the commerce pattern's growing intricacy. For the requirement of outsourcing operation, supply chain management and cost-profit control, we need to develop practicable, potent and computer-operated approaches to resolve the newsvendor problems which the various costs and(More)
—A fully automatic deterministic maximum–minimum search method for fast accurate polarization-dependent loss (PDL) and degree of polarization (DOP) characterization is described. It is shown theoretically, based on a three-dimensional (3-D) surface model, that the method can unambiguously determine PDL and DOP values. Because it measures PDL and DOP values(More)
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